I got married in summer last year and planned the whole thing myself which was amazing but also really quite stressful/ exhausting at times. I thought I would write a couple of posts about our wedding planning process as well as the big day itself in the hope it might just help some of the brides to be out there!

So, the moment you may (or may not) have been waiting for has arrived, the big question has been asked and you have said yes!

If you're very newly engaged, my advice would be to take at least a few weeks to bask in the happiness and the post engagement glow, there's plenty of time to start wedding planning so just take a moment to soak all the happiness and excitement in. See all your important family and friends, enjoy the champagne, the congratulatory bouquets of flowers and words of wisdom and advice from loved ones before sitting down and starting the planning!

Most people will tell you you need at least 18 months to plan a successful wedding. I wouldn't entirely agree with that. It very much depends on the individuals situation, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to wedding planning (or there definitely shouldn't be!) depending on what you want there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to plan the wedding of your dreams in the space of 6-9 months (or shorter if you're planning something much more intimate). I planned my husband and I's wedding in 8 months with no help from a planner or venue, so believe me it's do-able!

I'm going to do a few posts on different aspects of planning and the big day itself but to start off with my advice would be: 

1) Spend a few weeks soaking up the engagement excitement

2) Sit down together to discuss how you both envisage your big day, is it a big church wedding followed by a reception in a marquee or is it an intimate gathering for only your very closest friends and family. Having this chat early on will make budgeting/ venue searching much easier!

3) Discuss what is most important, wedding date or wedding venue. I.e do you want to get married in nine months time no matter what venue that means you end up in or do you have your heart set on a particular venue that isn't available at all for the next 2 years but you're happy to wait for it. 

4) Let the fun begin! Start setting a budget, booking venue visits and working on that all important guest list! 


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