Today was a good day, I had a great client lunch, Mr H was home on time and I started reading a new hypnobirthing book (that’s going to get a post of its own) which was great because yesterday was pretty shit. ⁣
I have been really struggling with one sided severe back pain which spreads into my left thigh causing it to go numb, then feel like it’s burning, then feel like I’m being stabbed with daggers. It’s pretty frustrating as it’s brought on even just by standing up for 5+ minutes or walking for 10+ minutes which means I can’t even get to the office from the station in the morning without being in a lot of pain. ⁣
I was referred by my midwife to see a physio. I got to my appointment full of hope that they could give some exercises and some sort of explanation/ solution. I was wrong. ⁣
I was seen by a trainee physio who hadn’t treated a pregnant woman before.  He said he didn’t know what was wrong but maybe I could do some general back ache exercises and keep active. At which point I pointed out to him that keeping active is what I’m trying and failing to do due to the pain. His next response was “hmm yes, maybe you could not go to work?” Or just take paracetamol when it hurts. Then he packed me off and told me to come back in 4 weeks time. ⁣
All in all not really that helpful and it just made me feel utterly hopeless. I cried on the train into the office. I cried when I got to the office and my colleagues asked how the appointment went. I cried sitting on the sofa waiting for Mr H to get home after work and I bawled my eyes out pretty much as soon as he walked through the door. ⁣
I’m so happy to be pregnant and excited to be a Mum, it’s all I’ve ever wanted, but yesterday just got a bit too much. ⁣
I’m not looking for any pity or sympathy I just want to make sure people know it’s ok to feel like shit some days. We shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it and just know better days are always round the corner. ⁣


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