I'm back!

So after two years of writing absolutely nothing, I'm back! 

A lot has changed since my last post in 2017, which was just after we bought our first home. To give you a quick overview:

1) June 2017 we rescued a 9 year old chocolate labrador called Spectre

2) November 2017 we got engaged

3) July 2018 we got married

4) December 2018 we found out we are expecting a Mini Hirsch/ Mini Egg/ Alien/ Orangutan

Safe to say it's been a busy few years...

I suppose point number four is the real reason I've got my act together and decided to dedicate some time to the blog. I’ve decided there’s not nearly enough bloggers out there who depict what life’s really like... 

I find my Instagram feed full of stunning homes, insta “fitspo” twenty somethings and perfect looking, beautiful women with the “pregnancy glow” and here I am looking like shit 85% of the time, failing at our DIY projects and having to drag myself to the gym on a regular basis. 

So I thought I’d start writing on the blog again, focussing on real life, starting with going into my 3rd trimester whilst balancing a full time job, doing a house up, being a dog Mum and having a husband who I love dearly but is really shit at DIY.

I promise I'll try and be better at updating you all on life!

Sophie x


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