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Bump & Baby Classes

Everyone talks about NCT classes and how important they are when you're first time parents so Mr H and I decided this was something we had to look into. After a bit of research I found  Bump & Baby, an alternative to NCT that covers much of the same ground but in a slightly more relaxed manner and, importantly for us, included a full class dedicated to infant first aid. Given Mr H and I have had no first aid training at any point this was the clincher for us (and was proven right when Mr H pissed himself laughing whilst giving mouth to mouth to the fake baby... real comforting).

We went along to our first of five classes not really knowing what to expect. The classes were held in a local community venue and we were greeted by our fantastic teacher Charlotte, a qualified midwife with over 20 years of experience. The group was a great size with ten couples all with due dates from end of July to end of August. I'm always slightly apprehensive in these sorts of situations, th…

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