Sunday, 20 March 2016

TEFAF Maastricht 2016

I write this whilst sitting in Brussels airport waiting to fly to Basel for Baselworld having spent the past 4 days immersed in all things TEFAF. 

TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation) is universally regarded as the world’s leading art fair, setting the standard for excellence in the art market. TEFAF atendees include  collector, museum director and art world professionals as well as art lovers from across the globe. 

The items on show in the fair itself are the finest works of art with 275 of the worlds leading gallerists bringing their most prestigious and valuable pieces to the show. Alongside the traditional areas of Old Master Paintings and antique Works of Art, at TEFAF Maastricht you can see and buy a wide variety of Classical Modern and Contemporary Art, Photographs, Jewellery, Twentieth Century Design and Works on Paper.

The thing I love most about TEFAF is that it is a truly eclectic mix of art, something for all tastes be it jewellery, old master paintings, drawing or contemporary sculpture (each year the fair showcases emerging contemporary artists in the 'TEFAF curated' collection). Whilst I am a die hard old master painting fan, having specialised in the area for my MA, i can still appreciate modern and contemporary masters and it is fantastic to attend a fair which has both in equal measures. 

I am lucky enough to have job which allows me to spend four amazing (although very long) days at this incredible fair. These are just a few of my highlights from TEFAF 2016. 

Alexander Calder at Bailly Gallery

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Elephants Galore

For a very long time, my family and I have had somewhat of an obsession with Elephants, whether it's watching them on tv, looking at pictures of them on Instagram or decorating our houses with hundreds of statues of them. Therefore when my parents suggested we took a family holiday to Thailand to stay at an elephant camp I bit their arms off!! This wasn't just any trip, this was a trip to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary so obviously the entire thing was to be done in style!!

My Mum, Dad and Sister flew from Newcastle to Heathrow on an early Saturday morning, where I met them in Gordon Ramsey's Plane Food. We all had the obligatory glass of champagne before taking a quick spin around the duty free shopping!

We settled in for our 11 hour flight with yet more champagne before nodding off to wake up when the plane landed in paradise!

Once we landed in Bangkok we had to collect our bags and find the check in for Bangkok Airlines and our transfer to Chiang Rai. Bangkok airport was an absolute dream... Heathrow could learn a lot!

After a three hour wait in Bangkok and another hour long flight we landed in Chiang Rai and were pretty exhausted having been traveling for almost 24 hours. However the greeting that awaited us at the Anantara Elephant Camp was well worth the wait...

Each guest is greeted with a cold towel, ginger and honey tea and a shoulder massage to work away the knots from the long journey.

The rooms were beautiful with bath tubs big enough to take a swim in and a view over the grass lands, Mekong river and elephants grazing the day away!

Once unpacked we wandered down to the beautiful Colonial style bar for yet more bubbles before our first sampling of some real Thai food! The hotel offers 2 restaurant options - Thai or Italian - we opted for Thai and weren't disappointed. The food was authentic and not only beautifully cooked but also beautifully presented.

After plenty of Prosecco and Thai curry we all retired to our beds ready for the excitement our first full day in Thailand would bring.