Our first anniversary

On this day one year ago, I married my favourite person in my favourite place. It really was the most perfect day, whenever I think about it, it makes me smile.

We both knew pretty quickly that we wanted to hold our reception at my Mum and Dad's house, we actually asked them if they would be happy with the plan within 2 days of getting engaged and luckily they said yes.

It was a lot of hard work however it was so worth it on the day seeing our friends and family enjoy themselves. I just can't believe it's been a whole year already. I'm going to post a lot more about certain elements of the day from choosing my dress to the flowers to tips for organising a marquee wedding but for now I thought I'd focus on my favourite pictures from the day and three pieces of advice for any soon to be brides & grooms:

1) Take five minutes out of the day to step back just the two of you together to try and soak it all in. (We tried to do this and our dog ended up standing on a bee which sort of ruined the moment but if you don't have a knob of a labrador to look after it'll work well) The day is over in the blink of any eye and everyone wants their chance to chat to you plus the pictures take FOREVER so having a five minute breather to just appreciate each other and the moment is something you won't regret.

2) If it isn't done by the morning of the wedding, it doesn't need to be done. I was up at 3am running round with flowers, lanterns, fairy lights etc when we realised all of the batteries in the house had been water damaged. I sent my poor Dad off to the 24 hour Asda at 6am to buy new batteries after having a minor melt down. When he got back he sat me down and said

"Soph I know you want the fairy lights but no one is going to notice if they aren't there. Go and sit down, have a coffee and start to get ready, if it isn't done by now it doesn't need doing and not one guest will be aware anything is missing"

Whilst in the moment I was wildly offended, the fairy lights had been planned out like a fine art, when I actually took five minutes to think about it I knew he was right and actually it's the best advice I could give to anyone, especially if you don't have a wedding planner. 

3) Make sure you have a great group of Ushers who are well briefed on the day. Ours were invaluable and we're forever grateful for them. Not only did they help Nick get ready in the morning (and made sure he was at the church) they spent the day rounding up guests and making sure everyone knew where they needed to be and when. For example, as mentioned above the pictures took FOREVER and trying to get my family in the right place at the right time was like herding cats but the Ushers did a great job of keeping everyone together and making things run smoothly.

And now, time for a lot of photo spam!


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