Introducing Hugo Ryan the French Bulldog Puppy

I would like to introduce to the world Hugo Arnold Ryan, my sister and I's amazing new French Bulldog puppy!!!

At 10 weeks old he is quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world. Far from being a sleepy lazy puppy, Hugo has already began terrorising the other Ryan family dogs, poor George and Dillion the chihuahua's do not know what has hit them.

This little cutie has already started tearing the kitchen apart, however look at that little face and giant ears... I think he is going to get away with murder! 

Even Nick, who normally has a serious aversion to little dogs, is completely and utterly besotted with the little man...

However, even the most lively, loud and chewing happy puppies need nap time every now and then...


  1. Look at those mahoosive ears! So gorgeous!

  2. I searched up my name hugo Ryan and this came up. He’s so cute and adorable and he has a lovely face


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