Friday, 8 September 2017

It's organ donation week! ♥️ Being an organ donor is something I feel really strongly about. I think it's utterly mad we still operate an opt in system and not an opt out!! What use are my bits and pieces to me once I'm gone?! Isn't it amazing that you could give another person, their family and friends a little bit of joy and hope by giving them the organ they desperately need and that you (however sadly) no longer need?! And for your own family, they get to know that a little bit of you is still alive somewhere still helping others even though you're gone. So when I pop off (hopefully decades and decades from now) I hope they can take and use everything so I can give other people a chance at life! I am proud to be a @nhsorgandonor #optoutnotin #organdonation #organdonationweek #nhsorgandonation #organdonor #whowouldntwantapieceofthis #yesidonate #letstalkaboutit

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